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10 Myths about Style

1) ‘No brown in town’ – I heard this phrase when I first started working on Savile Row. So I purposely made myself a brown flannel suit, because I don’t agree.

I like the colour brown. I wanted to prove it wrong and challenge this one dimensional thinking. When it comes to personal style there are no rules.

2) You need money to look good – I have seen decent suits for sale even in charity shops. You must take pride in your appearance to look good. If you make clever clothing choices you can still wear your 10 year old, worn out jeans with a nice shirt and rock the vintage thing.

3) Only wear black socks with suits – I have seen beige socks with a light suit, bright and patterned socks, all sorts of interesting and quirky combos. Obviously don’t just do it because everyone else is, it seems to be the newest fashion accessory but if its suits your personality and you like to do something a bit unusual with your outfits – try it.

4) Real men shouldn’t wear pink – This one definitely came from the dark ages. ‘Real men’ can wear whatever colour they like. No one ever makes comment if a female wears blue. We are living in an era that promotes equality. Wear whatever colour you fancy, lets ditch the stereotypes and gender ‘rules’.

5) Make-up is just for girls – Let’s face it guys, we are becoming more in touch with our ‘products’ and I will admit if I get the odd big red spot, I will consult my wife on how I can cover that with ‘something’. Yes, I use moisturiser every day and colour my greys occasionally, who cares. Why hide it? It’s not a crime to want to look good.

6) Never mix patterns – quite the opposite. It looks too contrived to match your tie to your pocket square. Mixing it up is actually more interesting and unforced.

7) Fashion is style – they are not the same! Fashion is following a trend which will quickly date. Style is creating your own chic which is unique to you!

8) Designer clothes are better – I personally despise big logo’s. I actively look for clothing without a logo, whether they are designer or not. It can look so crass to be dressed like a walking advertising board.

9) Black is a safe option – Of course it goes with everything but don’t always make it your first choice when you’re unsure what to wear. You can use colour and still look classy. Navy, grey, brown or dark green can be a great alternative. Every day is not a funeral!

10) Beards are for old men – I think Movember has made us realise that we can have more than a midnight shadow and actually pull it off. I’m not talking Santa style but a groomed beard actually makes some people look very distinguished regardless of age.

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