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10 Things that will Improve in Your Life when you Dress Well

Look at these images – Are these people successful?

We can’t even see their faces and we know nothing about them, yet we automatically assume they are successful. Why? Because they are ‘power’ dressing – perception is everything. Like it or not we are judged on how we look. So think about the impression you want to make with your clothing choices.

Dressing well can improve:

  1. Self-confidence – Putting age and size aside, when you look good you feel good its as simple as that.

  2. Compliments – The better you look, the more people will notice and make comment. Its nice to tell someone they look great!

  3. Business – In my line of work I need to look sharp, it’s hard to sell a suit if I don’t look the part. The smartest dressed person in a room usually commands the most attention.

  4. Opportunities – When you look like you are doing well people genuinely think that you are, so more invitations and contracts will come your way.

  5. Mood – Wearing something that looks great makes you feel good. (A well tailored outfit can also hide  imperfections and create a better silhouette. With a bespoke suit I can level out sloping shoulders with extra padding and even disguise a shorter limb).

  6. Friendships – Like attracts like. People say you are the average of your 5 best friends. If YOU dress better, your friends will want to dress better too when they are in your company, it has a knock on effect to the effort that is made by all. You’re more likely to be invited to exclusive places and parties too when you look the part.

  7. Relationships – Remember when you were trying to impress someone for a first date – don’t stop there. Even if you have been with the same person for a long time, just because you are ‘established’ doesn’t mean you should ever let standards slip. It’s even more important to make a greater effort to keep the flame alive, its too easy get slack – always keep trying. Effort = results!

  8. Manners – When you dress like a gentleman you should act like one too!

  9. Appreciation – As you mature you want to buy the luxuries that you might not have been able to purchase when you were younger and actually enjoy spending out for the things you have always wanted and worked hard for (like a bespoke suit)!

  10. Health – Believe it or not, taking greater pride in your appearance encourages you to be healthier and exercise more. When you get a taste for looking good, you will want to improve many other areas of your life too. (Dressing well = happiness & happiness = good health).

Psychology today has a very interesting study on this: (Pay close attention to the bit that states people actually do notice the difference between a tailor made and an off the peg suit).

This article summises with the following statement:

 “Dressing to impress really is worthwhile and could even be the key to success”.

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