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30 Ways to wear a Black Suit

We live in a world where everything is disposable, including clothing. Cheap manufacturing, often made in an unethical way means we aren’t making informed choices when it comes to our fashion.

An interesting read on ‘articles of style’ explains in great depth how this affects us as consumers:

Eco-age is trying to raise awareness of this growing problem. They encourage that an item of clothing should be worn at least 30 times.

Every gent needs to have one well fitted  black suit so here’s my guide, worn in 30 different ways, on how you can achieve ‘sustainable style’.

  1. Classic black and white

  2. Black on black

  3. Add brown accessories

  4. As a dinner suit

  5. With Black tie and white jacket

  1. With a roll neck

  2. No tie

  3. As a full 3 piece

  4. With a co-ordinating colour jacket

  1. With jeans

  2. Add a Patterned shirt

  3. With a T shirt

  4. With fine knits

  5. Replace the jacket with an overcoat

  6. Add a denim shirt, smart casual

  1. With casual footwear

  2. Wear Summer roll ups

  3. Add some braces

  4. Add a scarf

  5. With a chunky knit cardigan

  1. Black jacket with greys

  2. With a leather jacket

  3. Just the waistcoat

  4. All separates 

  1. Add more white

  1. Preppy

  2. Layering

  3. Add in some tweed

  4. A checked pattern as a contrast 

  1. Equestrian chic

With a classic black tailored 3 piece you can wear it so many ways that it will look like a different outfit each time. Make good quality, timeless clothing choices and they will last.

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