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A Modern Gent ‘Must Have’s’

What defines a Modern day Gentleman? Here is my list of things that you should possess.

  1. A Bespoke Suit (or 3) – Obvs!! (A tailored sports jacket at the very least!)

  2. A decent ‘Man bag’ – A classic leather number for taking to the gym or away for a weekend. This one is an essential. (Keep an eye out for next weeks article with my tips on buying a good bag)

John Lewis £189

  1. A stylish cardigan – A staple in every wardrobe that can be worn smart or casual. (Beats wearing a hoodie around town). 

  1. A tweed flat cap – you can get some great bespoke ones which are ultra comfy and fit like a glove, they aren’t as expensive as you think.

  2. A classic watch – the perfect watch will compliment any outfit – for watch tips.

  3. A good wallet – Or if your like me, buy a leather phone case that doubles up as a card pouch too, so much easier than having too many things in your pocket.

  4. Designer sunglasses – A nice understated pair that will go with absolutely everything!

  5. A walk in wardrobe – If the girls can have one, so should we! (If this isn’t possible then organise your space better using clothes dividers and accessory racks).

  6. Brown leather shoes – If you can’t afford a handmade pair  then at least try and find something that’s fully leather (rubber soles shouldn’t exist on your rack -other than in running form!) Try this shop:

  7. A Coat Stand – A mahogany one in your hallway to store your tailored overcoat, crook handle umbrella and tweed flat cap.

  8. An Aston Martin (We all wish! Something to aim for though!)

  9. Lastly and most importantly Manners!  Keep chivalry alive.

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