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Get Better With Age


As a Savile Row master tailor I have always kept an eye on fashion but what intrigues me more is personal style.

In my 20s I was still discovering what mine was and made some fashion faux pas, as we all have. What I have realised, now in my 40s is that I wear the clothes and not the other way round.

In my profession, I cleverly cut, style and shape a suit to enhance a body and make the most of someone’s physique (I have to add that I’m not a magician though and staying fit and healthy is key to looking good). The pieces I make are timeless and with careful thought can remain stylish and current forever when correctly accessorised. I would define my image as classic and clean with a modern twist.

Our unconscious bias forms an impression of someone within 7 seconds so whilst I applaud individuality and eccentricity in dressing, I know, for me personally it doesn’t work but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw in the odd psychedelic pocket square into my look here and there. Just bear in mind that what you wear reflects the image you want to portray. Right or wrong, People will always form a judgement based on look. Therefore my advice is to feel comfortable that the clothes you pick are truly synonymous with the life statement you want to make.

We don’t always get it right, but if you have to second guess something about your outfit or question your colour choices, the chances are it’s not really in line with your tastes and there’s nothing worse than looking or feeling uncomfortable. Follow your instincts and get it right for ‘you’ every time. I often see people and think their own individuality really compliments them, embracing their personality. I’m not a man to wear turn ups on my suit trousers, it simply isn’t me. But just because I don’t feel right in it, doesn’t mean it’s wrong, some of my friends completely rock that look.

This blog is to champion and embrace age. Why should we let age define us? There are people who become more iconic the older they get. I would argue that many things really do get better with age and my posts show images that I believe truly reflect that. Combining the old with the new produces an eclectic fusion, forming its own personality and character, which can always remain ‘in-style’. Because style isn’t following a trend, it’s simply an expression of your own tastes.

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