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How to dress like a Gent for your wedding

The ‘big’ day – for us men, it’s the one time we are pretty happy to go along with whatever the woman wants. Here’s some tips on how to dress for the occasion and make it special for you too:

1. Don’t wear the same suit as your groomsmen. Just as your girl wants to stand out in her dress, so should you. Try and differentiate yourself from your wedding party. Wear a contrasting colour suit and tie to the rest of the group so it’s clear who the groom is over the best man.

2. Compliment your bride. Have you ever seen a couple and thought they are made for each other? They both have the same quirky style. If your bride is going a bit alternative with her dress choice don’t be scared to pick a bold check. Just because it’s your wedding day doesn’t mean you need to go all traditional. Your normal style should still shine through. I made a suit for a friend who married a stylist and he made sure he looked just as fashionable on the day!

Grace Woodward and Ken Drewery wedding

3. Don’t be scared of patterns. Too often I see solid block colours chosen for suits, ties and pocket squares. Just because there’s a theme doesn’t mean you can’t make it a bit more interesting with your material choices and still blend in with the décor.

4. Classic style never dates. If you’re really indecisive then keep it classic. The Carey Grant look will still be great when you view the pictures in 20 years time.    Not everyone feels comfortable dressing ‘different’ so do your best to look well groomed and sharp.

4. Make the effort. It’s a one off day so get your hair cut and have a facial if necessary. Try to really look your best. Don’t let your bride down!

5. If your hiring a suit make sure they have your measurements correct. Take the shoes you will be wearing into the shop with you when you try it on. There’s nothing worse than having it taken up only to find they are ankle swingers on the day. It’s important to be organised in advance to get all the finer details right.

6. Don’t want to wear a flower? No problem –  although its traditional there are no rules. Maybe try and find a unique alternative. A friend of mine makes bespoke pieces from buttons and material. They don’t have to be brightly coloured and are specially commissioned to whatever you are looking for, also a great keepsake.

I have also found good read about the history of the boutonnière with some great alternative ideas:

7. I would advise against top hat and tails. There’s a place for that look (Royal Ascot etc). Same with black tie, ‘dinner party’ dress is meant to be for evening.  I’m not saying it’s wrong – but for me personally, it’s not wedding day attire.

8. Navy and Grey are really underrated for groomsmen suits. Most people tend to choose black but I think try some alternatives to make your day stand out a little more.

9. Guest at a wedding? I’m a big fan of separates right now and a summer wedding means this look fits right in and is bang on point for the season. A nice pair of trousers with a different colour jacket looks great. Even ditch the tie if it’s too hot, why not.

10. And don’t forget about the shoe!! People concentrate so much on the suit but the attention is in all the detail. You could ruin the whole look with a sloppy shoe choice.

Whilst it’s accepted that  the bride can spend thousands on a dress – she will only wear it once. The difference for us guys is that we can wear our wedding suit again and again so don’t cut corners. Treat yourself to a bespoke one, after all – it’s your day too!!

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