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How to get through Summer in style

What should your holiday suitcase contain? Here’s my top essentials guide for the modern gent to get through summer in style.

  1. Summer shoes – If you’re like me and hate wearing flip flops (the most uncomfortable item ever invented in my view) then you need to buy a pair of loafers or canvas shoes. Espadrilles or something you can wear effortlessly without socks to keep your feet cooler in the heat. (I like suede too for summer but these Gaziano Girling leather ones, although pretty pricey – are too smooth to resist)

Gaziano Girling Antibes from £815

  1. Chino shorts – perfect for day to night and look much nicer than the alternatives. Get a pair in every colour (denim is great too for a slightly more casual look).

  2. Linen shirt – I quite like a long sleeved version. Try rolling the sleeves up,  looks more sophisticated than a short sleeved shirt. You can always wear it normally for cooler evenings as the material is lightweight so you won’t  get too hot.

  3. White crew neck T-shirt – Always buy a new one every summer so that it looks crisp and fresh. They start to look a bit grubby after a few washes. Buy a few as this is a staple for your summer look and goes with everything.

  4. A rope belt – looks more interesting than your standard leather one and changes things up a bit for the season. Reminds me of yachts, the nautical look.

  5. Unlined canvas jacket – lightweight, smart and great for summer evenings. I made this one recently for myself and only part lined it so that it is wearable in warmer weather.

  1. Square framed sunglasses – I’m a bit bored of the classic ray ban look. Try a brown squared alternative like Burberry folding rectangle frame, handy to put in your pocket.

Burberry £210

  1. Panama hat – (see last weeks blog for tips). Protect your head from the rays and look stylish too.

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