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New But Classic


This is my Land Rover Defender. I often get asked why I chose this car over the comfort of a Range Rover.

I have desired a Range Rover for years but on entering the showroom, something about this defender caught my eye – it intrigued me.

The shape has remained the same for decades. Although I bought it new, it’s a classic style which will never date. Interestingly the year I got it, the car went out of production, which is good news for me as it will become a collectors item and retain its value in the future

But what do our choices say about us? To me a car isn’t just a practicality, although I need one, I have always chosen a vehicle that makes some kind of statement. My defender is rugged, simple and masculine, but fun. Maybe it’s reflecting where I am at right now in my life. I’m not ready for the mid-life crisis car just yet. Owning a defender automatically enrols you in ‘the club’. We laugh every time I drive past another, as defender drivers we always go out of our way to acknowledge each other on the road. It’s like being in some secret society. My wife thinks it’s odd but there’s something very comforting in it. There is a feeling of nostalgia when driving this car. This defender is so understated yet hugely stylish. It turns heads wherever I go. The car speaks for itself. It’s a beast but a gentle giant at the same time. The downside is that I can’t park in town centre car parks easily due to height restrictions and it’s hard to manoeuvre in and out of tight spaces but it still feels so special and unique. It’s not for everyone and I would definitely suggest test driving it for a few days before making a decision to buy one. For me it’s a true British classic, a timeless piece which represents what I am all about.

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