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Small details – BIG impact

So, you have spent thousands on a bespoke suit, bought a crisp white shirt and some nice leather brogues. Sure the big things are important – just don’t forget the little ones!

Finishing touches really matter. Too often I see someone wearing a wonderful handmade, fitted suit, to find they have diluted its impact with poorly selected accessories.

For me, the subtler the detail, the classier the overall effect is. The one thing I really struggle to find personally is cufflinks. Ones that perfectly adorn but not dominate an outfit. For this reason I have designed my own collection, available late summer 2017 under my new label Featherstone London.

My collection of cufflinks are purposely the size of a shirt button. (Smaller than most you will find in the shops). The reason for this is because proportion is key to creating an elegant and sophisticated finish. Ask yourself why your formal shirt buttons are small – it simply looks better! Here’s a sneak preview of some of my exclusive designs:

Here are some tips on selecting the right accessories to complete your sartorial look:

  1. Choose one key piece rather than wearing everything at once. If your watch is the focal point then refine your other choices – less is more. What is it you want to display? Don’t confuse bling bling for ‘ker-ching’. Just because it’s big, shiny and cost a lot doesn’t mean it always works with every outfit.

  2. Don’t overkill on patterns. I love a checked jacket but I wouldn’t wear a whole ensemble in that same check. I am a big fan of separates. Try pairing patterns with plainer garments instead.

  3. Don’t try to match everything up, be more inventive. See my previous post: Why your pocket square should NEVER match your tie 

  4. Avoid colours that don’t suit your skin tone. I find cherry red and bright orange don’t work too well on most guys. Don’t misuse colour to add interest to your outfit, add texture instead. (shiny on shiny is also a no no).

  5. Don’t forget the shoes! You have to consider every detail from head to toe. In my opinion your shoe choice is paramount to the completion of your look. If your wearing all navy for example, think about adding a nice dark brown shoe over black. Again simple, elegant and classic is the way forward. Clumpy and casual doesn’t scream sophistication.

  6. If in doubt, leave it out. If you can’t decide whether to wear something it means it probably doesn’t belong on you in the first place. Trust your instincts. Take a picture of yourself before you go out and assess your outfit as a whole. If something isn’t working simply remove it.

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