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The Ultimate Shirt guide 

This month features a guest article from Jack Prenter, founder of Known Man. I have always said that every detail matters and a great fitting shirt is central to making an outfit look immaculate.

Going bespoke with your shirt isn't as pricey as you might think but it will have a huge impact on your overall look. No one wants to see your buttons popping when you take your jacket off. Some handy tips below from Jack on achieving the best fit. Craig

dress shirt

Over the years guys have began to dress more and more casually. With that has come poorer standards for suit and shirt fittings. A good fit on your shirt is crucial to looking well put together, without it you’ll simply look like you didn’t put any effort into your appearance.

Of course you could choose to buy off the rack and have a shirt tailored to your specifications, but you’re never going to get the same precision that a bespoke shirt offers. There’s only so much you can change an existing garment, but when we start from scratch we can ensure that every line matches your body.

Take a look at some of the men you work with next time they wear a shirt. It’s almost guaranteed that one of them will have a poorly fitting shirt. Regardless of how good looking that man is and how well put together the rest of his outfit is, his shirt will stick out and ruin his appearance.

shirt part 1

In this infographic you can see examples of how a perfect dress shirt should fit, you can also see examples of a shirt that is too large for you and one that is too small. A perfectly fitting shirt should hug your body, you want to know it’s there but still have full mobility. On the other hand, it should flap under your arms or feel loose across your shoulders.

shirt part 2

Infographic from KnownMan.

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