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Vintage Vs Modern

This is my 1940s Jaeger-LeCoultre. I had been looking for a vintage piece for a while and this little beauty was a bargain in my view.

It’s elegant and tasteful, dainty yet refined. I bought it as an investment, a bit like buying diamonds, a good watch purchase can make you a tidy profit.

There arent many new watches that I feel have the same individuality and character as my Jaeger but IWC are creating some superbly stylisy designs. I bought this Portugieser because I love its simplicity. The color and size is perfect. It’s understated but quite stunning. I call it my ‘future vintage’.


IWC Portugieser

My top tips when buying a watch would be to think about its resale, will it date quickly?

If you kept it for a decade would it still have the same appeal?

Whilst we can’t predict future trends, if you select a classic style it will never go out of fashion. Choose something that compliments your wrist and is in proportion with your frame. I would avoid anything too bulky unless it’s for casual, sports wear. Don’t over analyse it. A nice evening piece should remain refined and delicate, but still be unique. The movement or calibre comes secondary in my thought process, the aesthetics for me always wins. I keep a daytime watch and an evening one. If you want your investment to stay in mint condition, minimise its use to special occasions only. That way it won’t be subject to much wear and tear (although sometimes a tiny bit of imperfection can actually add to its character).

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