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What Makes a Modern Gentleman?


Long gone are the days where the man goes out to earn a crust and the woman must stay at home looking after the kids, thankfully!

My wife has as much ambition as I do – if not more. I applaud it wholeheartedly. (I’d happily be a stay at home dad!)

The ‘New Age’ gentleman champions others and realises everyone has worth. We ARE all equal. Some people have had better opportunities than others, but they created those themselves in being at the right place at the right time.

We’re ALL in a position to chase our dreams – it depends how badly you want something. And how far your willing to go to get it! How you act along the way though will say a lot about your true character.

My top 10 gentlemanly tips:

  1. Manners – always top of the list! They don’t cost a thing and there’s NEVER an excuse for bad ones in my eyes. From trainees to executives, everyone has a purpose and bad manners always leaves a sour taste in my mouth. You just never know one day what someone will become (that trainee could end up being your manager). Treat people badly on your rise and they will seek revenge on your fall! Call it karma.

  2. Morals – set yourself some ‘rules of life’ and stick to them! Stay strong to your beliefs and who you are. Don’t ever abandon these for money, fame or power.

  3. Attitude – I’m more impressed with people that treat others with respect over any title or status they may have. The right attitude will get you everywhere!

  4. Integrity – Be honest to yourself! There are certain lines you should never cross. Your only kidding YOU if you think this isn’t important, people watch how you act and make decisions about you based upon that!

  5. Attire – surprisingly this isn’t the number one factor, clothing is what most people would associate with being a gentleman. The modern man realises that style is only relevant when you have the above points in check – if you don’t address yourself, as a person first, its irrelevant what you wear. You can’t be attractive with a bad attitude.

  6. Confidence – NOT arrogance. We all have an ego. You shouldn’t let it interfere with good decision making though! It’s good to know your own worth but don’t over egg your ‘importance’ by ignoring others. Let everyone have a voice, you might learn a few things!

  7. Spirituality – We need to believe in something. If nothing else believe in kindness. People don’t often remember what you said to them but they’ll always remember how you made them feel. Treat every one how you want to be treated. The law of attraction is, you get back what you give off!

  8. Modesty – No one wants to be in a room with the guy who brags about everything he has. It’s socially awkward. Humbleness is so underrated. Don’t tell all your secrets and successes, a bit of mystery is way more interesting!

  9. Humility– Treat everyone the same. Don’t put yourself or others on a pedestal, I’m never star struck. I can ascertain more about a person through observing their behaviour. Display qualities of a person you would want to be friends with!

  10. Decorum – above all, be RESPECTFUL

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