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Why I love Bespoke (and you should too)


Tailoring in NYC

Ever walked into a room to find someone wearing the same outfit as you? I haven’t.

No one else in the world has the same wardrobe selection as I do, that’s because everything I own has been made specifically, just for me.

So why bespoke?

  1. Confidence. When I put on a bespoke suit I feel extra special, like James Bond. A well structured jacket can really enhance your body shape and make you look and feel exquisite.

  2. Adaptability. If you put weight on – there is usually enough material to let out a few inches when you have overindulged at Christmas and are struggling to get back to size.

  3. Silhouette. It can actually mask  imperfections – it’s all about illusion. One leg shorter than the other? That’s no problem. Have you heard the phrase ‘which side do you dress?’ It’s a tailors term, Google it! The way you sit and walk is important. Your ‘gait’ when making trousers should always be taken into account. A good tailor will factor this in.

  4. Specific. You are the designer. If you want a particular colour, material, lining, buttons, cut – you can have it! There are no limitations (other than price). I once made a suit out of Vicuna, the cloth alone cost £10,000  – no pressure!

  5. Record. It’s your own piece of history, like Churchill – his pattern lives on within Henry Poole’s archives.

  6. Wearability. It could last forever – literally. A bespoke suit is fully canvassed, it actually improves over time. Looked after well, your garment will survive the ages (#betterwithage). I have seen people still wearing a suit made 60 years ago or more.

  7. Distinguishable. I’d recognise a bespoke suit a mile away. It’s a great talking point when your out and someone asks where you bought it.   (I was asked in the queue for a nightclub once – strange experience, even a drunk guy can recognise a good item!) I always receive compliments every time I wear one.

  8. Investment. My wardrobe must be worth a small fortune!

  9. Timeless. Make the right style choices and it will never date. Go classic and you will always be in vogue.

  10. Individual. Who  doesn’t like a one-off. Your bespoke suit is as unique as you are!

Yes It’s a luxury but just like the car you drive, your clothing choices are a statement about you, and your success. Our perceptions become reality so aim for the best things in life. Treat yourself every now and again, you’ve worked hard!

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